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A top-rated trainer, Dr. Barrington conducts workshops on consulting, program evaluation, program evaluation, and applied research topics. Since the 1990's, she has tirelessly presented at the annual conferences hosted by the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES), the American Evaluation Association (AEA), and the European Evaluation Society (EES).

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She has given a number of workshops at the Summer Institute sponsored by the Centres for Disease Control and AEA, and at the Claremont Graduate University Summer Professional Development series. She also presents customized workshops for such clients as Alberta Health Services, Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development, Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions, and the Canadian Evaluation Society (National Capital and Alberta & Northwest Territories Chapters).

In 2012 she began to offer webinars on consulting skills and was recently named to the Dynamic Dozen, the top-rated presenters and trainers at AEA. Her webinar on intermediate consulting skills was one of the top-rated e-learning webinars of 2013.

Participants continue to comment that her workshops on consulting skills have provided them with the building blocks needed to start a consulting practice. For those already in the field, she offers them an opportunity to reflect on and re-tool their consulting skills. Her workshops on logic models and data handling provide useful tools and strategies to assist evaluators in their efforts to collect data more effectively.

Recent presentations include:

Introduction to Consulting Skills


  • Dublin, Ireland (September 2014)
  • Denver, CO (October 2014)
  • Washington, DC (October 2013)
  • Minneapolis, MN (October 2012)
  • Halifax, NS (June 2012)
  • Atlanta, GA (June 2012)


  • 4-part series (July 2014) & (February 2013)
  • 2-part series (June 2012)

Intermediate Consulting Skills 


  • Washington, DC (October 2013)
  • Minneapolis, MN (October 2012)


  • 2-part series (August 2014) & (May 2013)

Logic Models & Data Handling


  • Ottawa, ON (June 2014)
  • Toronto, ON (June 2013)
  • Atlanta, GA (June 2012, 2011, 2010)
  • Edmonton, AB (May 2011)


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