Canadian Evaluation Society Conference, Quebec City

June 18, 2023 8:30-4:30

Taught by independent consultants, Gail Barrington and Vanessa Anastasopoulos, this practical workshop will reveal the simple but necessary skills needed to be successful. Evaluation consultants are only evaluators but also management consultants, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Learn some key strategies while exploring important start-up issues. Reflect on your own skills and determine if consulting is an appropriate career choice for you. Key topics include personal characteristics, marketing, business planning, setting up shop, managing fees and time, and work-life balance. Valuable samples, worksheets, and trade secrets will be provided. Through mini-lecture, small-group discussion, and independent reflection, participants will identify the unique issues they face and will prepare a start-up strategy.

The workshop is divided into four key sections:

The Personal Factor (1 hour)

  • • Do I Have What it Takes Worksheet, personal planning, large group discussion

Building a Foundation for a Business (2 hours)

  • • Finding My Niche as a New Consultant worksheet, brainstorming at round tables
  • • Defining My Competitive Edge worksheet,
  • • My Elevator Statement, individual work, paired exchange, large group presentations
  • • Networking presentation and small group discussions

Business Skills and Day to Day Management (2 hours)

  • • Business Plan Template and mini lecture, individual/paired preparation of mission statement
  • • Calculating your Fees Worksheets and mini lecture, table discussions
  • • Tracking Your Time examples, demonstration of software, large group discussion

Staying Alive & Action Planning (1 hour)

  • • Work Life Balance mini lecture and exercise
  • • Wrap-up and Action planning

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