Reflective Practice and Innovation: Making Creativity Part of Your Life

Reflective Practice bridges theory and practice. It helps us interpret the complexity, uncertainty, unpredictability, and disruption we encounter every day. If we think creatively, we can allow ourselves to experiment, innovate, and refocus, expanding our skills and adding value to our work. This workshop will explore how we can incorporate reflection more fully into our working lives. What barriers and issues stand in the way of innovation? What questions should we be asking? What reflective strategies can we use, and if we use them, what are the implications? Five reflective strategies will be described, and participants will have an opportunity to experiment with several of them and discuss their experiences. We will reflect on the links between reflection, innovation, and action and will leave with a personal strategy to incorporate more creativity into our daily lives.

You can be an evaluation practitioner at any level of experience but should be aware of some of the problems and challenges encountered in the field. You enjoy reflecting and writing about your experiences. Because you wish to be more innovative, you are open to developing fresh and creative solutions to your practice and your life.


Reflective Practice: Focuses on the fundamental norms and values underlying evaluation practice and awareness of...

Learning Objectives:

  • Clarify what reflective practice is, how it relates to innovation, and how it can lead to personal resilience, improved practice, and transformative change.
  • Explore some of the barriers that limit your creativity and use of reflective practice in both your personal life and your work.
  • Consider some practical reflective strategies, experiment with several, and plan your personal strategy to incorporate more reflection in your life and work.

Theory is limited to a brief introduction on double-loop learning and an overview of five different reflective strategies. The greatest proportion of the workshop will provide an opportunity to explore barriers and personal resistance to reflective practice, experiment with different reflection strategies, discuss your experiences in small groups, and incorporate reflection at work. You will develop a renewed commitment to creativity and begin your plan for transformative change.

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