Reflective Practice: The Bridge to Innovation

Half-day workshop, Sunday, May 26, 2019

Canadian Evaluation Society Conference

Halifax, N.S.

Reflective practice is double-loop learning in action. If we think creatively about better outcomes, we can allow ourselves to experiment, innovate, and refocus, expanding our skills and adding value to our work. This workshop will explore why we should incorporate reflection more fully into our working lives. What barriers and issues stand in the way of innovation? What questions should we be asking? What reflective strategies can we use, and if we use them, what are the implications? Three reflective strategies will be described, and participants will have an opportunity to experiment with them and discuss their experiences. We will reflect on the links between reflection, innovation, and action and will leave with a personal strategy to incorporate into practice.

Participants can be evaluation practitioners at any level of experience but should have field experience, with an awareness of the problems and challenges that can be encountered in practice and understanding the importance of reflecting, reassessing, and developing fresh, new solutions.

  • Clarify what reflective practice is, how it relates to innovation, and how it can lead to personal resilience, improved practice, and transformative change.
  • Explore some of the barriers that limit evaluators’ use of reflective practice and discuss solutions.
  • Consider some practical reflective strategies; select a strategy for experimentation, feedback and discussion; generate a personal strategy for reflective practice.

CES-SCE 2019

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