The Home Office — Pros and Cons

(The Coffee Shop Chronicles, Part 3)

Coffee time again! George has already arrived and he has news.

Gail: Hi, George, you look excited.

George: I have a project! The school district called me for an analysis of achievement scores. Their evaluator quit and they need these results urgently.

Maggie and Chris: (arrive laughing) Congratulations!

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The Work Plan—The Consultant’s Missing Link

“How do I keep my work on track?” you ask. The answer is both easy and hard. A work plan sounds straightforward enough and if I asked you if you had one, you would probably say, “Yes, somewhere. It’s pretty bare bones, though.” Well, when was the last time you looked at it? Right!

It is always our intention to have a good work plan but things get in the way, such as our own desire to get going and, of course, our client’s demand for deliverables.

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Consulting Contract Highlights

You have worked hard to get this project and your client wants you to start immediately. Do you really need a contract? Yes, you do!

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