Bloom & Me: Beyond the Data Mindset

The recent focus on data visualization has generated a lot of buzz about how we present evaluation findings. We certainly need new ways to present technical information effectively. Our clients have been falling asleep for years! However, are we being distracted from finding real meaning?

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Hiring Time

Suddenly you have too much work to do. Your stress level starts to rise. How are you going to meet all those deadlines? Maybe it’s time to hire someone—but before you do, here are some things to consider.

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The Home Office — Pros and Cons

(The Coffee Shop Chronicles, Part 3)

Coffee time again! George has already arrived and he has news.

Gail: Hi, George, you look excited.

George: I have a project! The school district called me for an analysis of achievement scores. Their evaluator quit and they need these results urgently.

Maggie and Chris: (arrive laughing) Congratulations!

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