Finding a Niche as a New Consultant

It’s hard to know where to specialize when you are just launching your consulting practice. “What services can I offer?” you wonder. But then reality sets in and you think, “What services should I offer?” And then, finally, as you feel a bit overwhelmed, you ask, “Where can I begin?”

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The Essential Status Report

(The Coffee Shop Chronicles, Part 4)

It has been a month since our new consultants had coffee. Maggie is waiting when I arrive and she looks pretty unhappy.

Gail: Maggie?

Maggie: My project got cancelled!

Gail: What happened?

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My Consulting Wishes and What I Learned Last Year

Judging from the crowd in my gym class on this snowy day and the number of empty spaces I know will be there in February, New Year's resolutions don't work all that well. Resolutions are firm and action-oriented, heroic even. They turn us into success junkies. We get addicted to checking things off our list. Then we tend to lose the list and forget what the resolutions were in the first place. And if we fail, we beat ourselves up and our guilt makes it almost impossible to start over again.

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