Consulting After 50—Name Your Dragons!

There are many reasons why as a mature professional, you may be eying the door. It’s the second half of your life and there are more options available than you ever dreamed. You are standing on a frontier. Where you will invest your energy? Consulting is one exciting option. The attractions of working for yourself are compelling. It’s getting there that is the issue.

Before we start to develop strategies for your consulting practice, we need to explore the dark side, and look at the fear, insecurity and self-doubt that are holding you back. You can hear the voices of teachers, family members, supervisors, bosses, friends, and your own inner critic, all telling you that you can’t succeed at something as risky as going out on your own. You needn’t even bother trying!

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Consulting After 50—Your Audience is Waiting!

Is it time to take charge of your career? Have you always secretly wanted to work for yourself? Why not make a change? There are lots of good reasons why your workplace may no longer be tenable, but nothing ever stays the same—why should you?

If you need a new challenge, want more control over your life, or feel it’s time to strike out on your own, consulting is a great choice. Before the curtain rises on your second act, why not do some serious thinking about what you want to do, where you want to go, and how best to get there.

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The Consultant’s Marketing Plan: Using a Complexity Lens

The trouble with consultants’ marketing plans is that they don’t work. They are rational and linear but our environments are dynamic and unpredictable. This frustrating disconnect makes us want to stop planning altogether.

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