Feedback on Evaluation Time Text

For early feedback on our new text, Evaluation Time: A Practical Guide for Evaluation (Barrington & Triana-Tremain, Sage, 2022), here is what Matt Feldman and staff of Goshen Education Consulting had to say:

Evaluation Time Now Available!

Evaluation Time,

A Practical Guide for Evaluation

by Gail Vallance Barrington  &  Beverly Triana-Tremain.

  • An accessible, contemporary, and comprehensive guide to the concepts and practice of evaluation
  • Integrates new approaches and concerns, and classic frameworks with practical tools that readers can use to design evaluation studies
  • How to measure planned and implemented interventions while focusing on the questions most important to the community and organizations in which the evaluation takes place.
  • Stresses the role of critical and evaluative thinking and self-reflection
  • Demonstrates the importance of context and equity in today’s turbulent environment, offering a new stance for evaluators to support global as well as local issues.

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Part I • Fundamentals Of Evaluation

Chapter 1 • The Scope of Evaluation

Chapter 2 • How Evaluators Think

Chapter 3 • Program Logic

Part II • Evaluation And The Program Life Cycle

Chapter 4 • Pre- and Early Program Evaluation

Chapter 5 • Mid-Cycle Program Evaluation

Chapter 6 • End-of-Cycle Program Evaluation

Part III • Evaluation Methods

Chapter 7 • Using Quantitative Methods in Evaluation

Chapter 8 • Using Qualitative Methods in Evaluation

Chapter 9 • Using Mixed Methods in Evaluation

Part IV • Communicating About Evaluation

Chapter 10 • The Evaluation Plan

Chapter 11 • Communication, Reporting, and Use

Chapter 12 • Evaluation Context and the Evaluator’s New Stance



This is an excellent and accessible resource for both students and practitioners of program evaluation. The chapter on ‘Using Mixed Methods in Evaluation’ alone is worth the investment in this book.

(Debra Bartelli, University of Memphis)

The comprehensiveness of the text is its greatest strength. It hits all the right keys. It has an easy readability and an excellent mix of text, graphics, teaching tools.

(Nancy G. Calleja, University of Detroit Mercy)

With a focus on the practical aspects of evaluation, this textbook also integrates very relevant, and frequently overlooked, theoretical and conceptual frameworks that are extremely valuable for evaluators.

(Sebastian Galindo, University of Florida)



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